Global Logistics Solutions

Agility in global logistics solutions, by offering the lowest door to door time and complete assistance, from freight to clearance and distribution.

By air

Agility and flexibility are our main differentials; we have employees in airports to dispatch all our shipments, tracking the goods, providing our partners more speed in delivering the merchandise in the hangar of the companies. For all shipments we send a daily alert with all the details of the reservation, from the departure until the arrival at the final destination. Tracking systems inform our customers in case of any change, preveting lack of information.

By land

Our partnerships with national and international transporters allow us carrying cargo with responsibility and security, offering tracking system connected to the transporters what makes possible total control of operations, also in multiple transports, where we give all logistic assistance.

By sea

Ocean shipments are controlled by our highly qualified department, trained to decide on any type of situation. Our focus are on the operational process, keep our partners fully updated about departures of shipping and arrivals, inform the period of transit, send daily alerts and being efficient and fast in the documentation process. Therefore, we prevent additional costs such as: demurrage, storage, detention and fines.

Custom advice

Providing expert advice on customs clearance, MRM offers customized solutions to current legislation. We have expertise in federal tax legislation, and analysis framework of special customs regimes, such as REPETRO and DRAW BACK. Always looking for the most modern ways to keep the excellence of our services, we have implemented a tailored system especially for the market of dispatch commissioners, reducing lead time, and managing all the information from importers in an integrated way, with data security and reliability in numbers. With absolute focus on the elimination of additional costs.

Legal advice

MRM offers optional legal advice in all its operations, ensuring greater convenience for the client hiring all its services in one place, without relying on multiple suppliers.

Security for your cargo

We offer all our partners a safe international transport door to door, providing greater security in case of any damage or even theft or loss of the goods.


Our insurance is guaranteed by one of the world's most respectedand the largest property and casualty insurers in the United States, WR Berkley, founded in 1967.



International Representation

MRM providing nationwide and international logistics coverage. More than 4,000 agents in more than 700 cities around the world. The only Brazilian company affiliated to International Freight Association (IFA).


We are members of the largest and most respected logistics operators network worldwide. All members go through a severe selection process, so we have high quality agents around the globe, enabling a fast, efficient and secure handling for shipments. With MRM your cargo arrives anywhere in the world with competitive costs and a highly qualified service.



  • International Freight Association (IFA)
  • Air & Ocean Partners (AOP)
  • WCA Family of Logistic Networks

Chambers of Commerce

Tailor made projects

Ready to plan the best transport and distribution solution for cargo, MRM provides customized solutions for each of its customers. Specialized in logistic services door to door, with strong presence in projects to offshore companies and shipyards, handling urgent cargoes, landing location follow-up by MRM team and efficiency and speed in the release of documents, MRM provides both your company and your partners the safest and fastest options, free of additional charges.

Case - Ilha S.A Shipyard

The shipment consisted of 10 electrical panels weighing about 1 ton each and with only the possibility to transport in a shipping cargo plane, due to the height of 2.40 meters. If the shipping had not arrived with the necessary urgency, the shipyard would not meet the deadline and it would be penalized by his client with daily fines. The cargo was in Singapore, where there are no many options of cargo planes to Brazil, and those that existed were crowded due to high demand at the moment.

The solution was sending it on a cargo flight to Brussels and making a transfer to another airline until Viracopos. We would still have to transfer the cargo from Viracopos to Rio de Janeiro and this procedure often takes around 2-3 days. So MRM sent his team to the airport of Viracopos to track the arrival of the load and do all the checklist with the handling company and carrier, allowing the reduction in schedule, delivering a total period of 4 days, surpassing customer expectations.

Check out our institutional video and the pictures of the engine´s ship landing for Mauá shipyard:


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